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  • Why Leftee Golf?
    Simple, really — we felt like there was a need to show love to the left-handed golfer, an often over-looked and under-served group.
  • What is Leftee Golf?
    It's a community first and foremost, designed to bring a wide-range of golfers together around one commonality: their dexterity. This means pushing out content, highlighting players, courses, and equipment, partnering with brands that want to better serve left-handed golfers, and producing badges of honor for those who play from "the other side". Ultimately our goal is to create a community with a digital presence that spills over into the real world through merch, events, meetups, tournaments, etc. Whatever we can do to serve the left-handed golfer, we are in.
  • How can I get in contact with Leftee?
    We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to send us an email anytime day or night at One of us will be in touch just as quick as we can.
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