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Leftee Golf was founded to be an intentionally-small brand to serve an often over-looked and under-served group of golfers: left-handers.

This is a love letter to the left-handed golfer.

The most overlooked and under-served group on the course and in the shop.

The ones who have to search high and low to find the single token complete set of irons.

The ones who hope that, among the displays of drivers, at least one is facing the “wrong” way.

The ones whose days are made when there are at least two putters lining the rack around the practice green.

The ones who have heard the joke “hey, you’re swinging backwards” just one too many times.

The ones who suspect that architects despise their kind but won’t use it as an excuse for that triple.

The ones who have to explain “no, not a right-handed glove, a glove that goes on the right hand” to the pro shop staff.

The ones who have to spend the extra minute visualizing the reverse order of Golf Digest's latest swing tip.

The ones liable to smudge their scorecard with each sweaty pencil stroke under the hot summer sun.

The ones who, despite this anatomical bias, are loud and proud of being left-handed.

We are Leftee, and we exist just for you.

A collective of like-handed golfers, designed to be a community.

A small-batch brand creating badges of honor for the lefties of the links.

From weekend warriors to tour pros, and every left-hander in between.

We are Leftee, and we invite you to join us on our side of the swing.


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